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Mixed media

Being passionate about semi-figurative and abstract art, Rollande’s approach reaches both. She feels that in a semi-figurative painting, we sometimes get caught up in the magic of abstraction while at the same time we are soon brought back to the subject matter by figurative details.

It is true that she likes to combine both realities but quite often she can be transported by some snag along the way and plunged into pure abstraction. These moments bring her to unleash and expand her creativity.

Indeed, her artistic approach leads her to work more and more on the components that generate an atmosphere, a state of mind.


This is what is happening in this painting. This kind of issue reflects the pluralism of contemporary art which allows the viewer to project his own dimension without being guided by figurative details.

Either it is abstraction or semi-figurative, she believes that a real painting is an extension of oneself that allows us to keep discovering more, even after we think we’ve understood it all. This is the kind of magic that nourishes the poet in each one of us.



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